We are Frauenthal Powertrain

As an international company we always strive to focus on our customer´s needs. Experience. Know-how and Innovation. This is the combination we draw on the develop durable, resilient and bespoke solutions and products.

From a local specialist zum internationalen Unternehmen

From the founding of the axle plant in Roßwein in 1862, followed in 1864 by start-up of the Plettenberg factory making iron and brass mesh products, we have grown from being a local supplier to become an international business.

As part of the Frauenthal Group, we operate in the Powertrain Division, tätig und entwickeln und produzieren mit unserem Standort in Deutschland Pleuelstangen, Ausgleichswellen und Verteilerleisten. Unsere kompromisslose Kundenorientierung, unmittelbare Marktnähe sowie unsere Innovationskultur haben uns zu dem gemacht, was wir sind: Einer der weltweiten Markt- und Technologieführer für die Automobil- und Nutzerfahrzeugindustrie.

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Differentiated production

The cornerstone of our industrial model is the focus on our capabilities, experience and know-how. Fully aware that our forgings are essential to the industries we support, we continue to refine and optimize our product portfolio to provide for tomorrows mobility. 

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Constant spirit of innovation

Continuous production and process optimization not only requires years of experience combined with ambitious and bright minds, but also a love of innovation. We have been demonstrating our success in this area for decades, resulting in intelligent product solutions that are ahead of their time and the competition.

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Common corporate values

We are a community of more than 680 colleagues in two locations. We value openness, transparency, mutual appreciation and commitment as the basis for our internal cooperation, our customer cooperation, and our economic success.

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Confidence in a sustainable future/in sustainability

Our company mission extends over the medium and long terms, helping us to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.
Our clearly defined company values ​​also support and underpin our corporate philosophy.